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Заедничка Акција за Одржлива Иднина
Veprojmë së bashku për një të ardhme të qëndrueshme
Zajednička akcija za održivu budućnost
Συντονισμένη Δράση για ένα Βιώσιμο Μέλλον
Coordinated Action for a Sustainable Future

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2nd Multi-stakeholder Conference

The 2nd multi-stakeholder conference was held in Tirana on 10-11 December 2013 and brought together approximately 100 participants. The event was organized by the Drin Core Group with the assistance of its Secretariat (GWP-Med) and the support of the GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit) and UNECE.

The event:

- Presented the activities for the implementation of the Drin MoU in the period 2011-2013 and sought input from the stakeholders in this regard.

- Promoted coordination of action among national and international actors as well as processes and projects implemented in the Drin and its sub-basins.

- Facilitated cross-fertilization among national and regional stakeholders on management and development related issues e.g. management of protected areas, monitoring, and challenges in implementing the WFD, sustainable tourism etc. 

Further, it assisted in updating the list of national and international stakeholders and enlarging the group of those actively involved in the process for the implementation of the Drin MoU, ensuring enhanced information flow and steering of the process by the Drin Core Group. 

The event marked the initiation of the GEF support for the management of the Drin Basin through the Project “Enabling Transboundary Cooperation and Integrated Water Resources Management in the Extended Drin River Basin” (Drin Project). The stakeholders were consulted on the content and structure of the Drin project.

View the Agenda here


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